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Drive sales during summer sale period, targeting high income women primarily aged 25-55.


Having identified the main interests among the target demographic to be interiors, travel, food and fashion, our marketing team drew on the vast intelligence collected from our publishing partners to begin refining and developing recommendations.


In order to ensure ruthless efficiency and employing a unique approach to reaching this audience we used data from our 150+ title portfolio. This title data was used alongside TGI, reader panel data, and competitive market insight in order to hit the exact audience that the client had requested initially.


The insert campaign proved to be immensely successful, with all nine titles generating fantastic response and a noteworthy number of sales. Remarkably, the schedule included publications which TGI does not yield data on, and therefore would likely have been excluded from the schedule in the absence of bespoke brand and readership intelligence.

Not only did the campaign produce a conversion rate of 0.59, but the response curve extended nine months. The campaigns that followed continued to deliver compelling results.

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