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We are Canopy.

Your means to market

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We’re a new proposition,
in a changing media world.

About us

For over 17 years, Canopy has supported publishers and agencies in understanding and adapting to the evolving media landscape. We safeguard and drive revenue for our publishers by arming agencies and advertisers with the confidence to make informed investments through our connected planning, insight and activation platform.

We are Canopy – opportunity is everywhere.


At a time where the modern media world continues to shift, Canopy’s extensive industry expertise and strong relationships across network and independent agencies means we help our publishers enhance and recapture their media sales budgets.


Combined with our portfolio of publisher media channels, we identify and secure increasingly hard-to-reach advertiser and agency budgets. Whilst Inserts, Print and DM has been our heritage, Display, Classified and Digital inventory are a vital and a fast-growing part of our business.


With vast coverage of the marketplace, our extensive portfolio of multi-media solutions and premium publisher relationships provides access to some of the most exclusive media inventory in the UK.

With unparalleled audience understanding, market insights and targeting capabilities, enriched with proprietary industry research, Canopy arms agencies and advertisers with the confidence to make informed investments. Strategy is shaped and executed with quality control and assurance via our connected planning, insight and activation platform, which has resulted in many agencies working with Canopy as a strategic trading partner, above and beyond a traditional sales house.

This positioning allows us to influence budgets at planning level and, in turn, support our media partners and channels as a by-product of this service. Our committed and commended team are the driving force behind our success, in an industry which is increasingly challenged to provide core planning and buying skills in both traditional and emerging markets, comprising specialist, analytical, and knowledge-based work.

Colleagues at Work


Canopy is an energetic and ambitious business, full of fantastic people. Recognised by Campaign Magazine as one of the UK’s Best Places to Work for three years running, this is a result of our continued commitment to and investment in our employees.
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