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A trusted partner of The Telegraph for nearly a decade Canopy Media has been fully responsible for the sale and administration of loose inserts, onserts, tip-ons and bound-ins since 2015.

This has been a successful partnership where we have consistently performed above budgetary and market expectations.

During that time Canopy have delivered revenues in excess of £15M consistently overachieving budgets and bringing in over £1 million in additional revenue

We are proud of this success and continue to deliver especially in these trying times finishing £125k over budget in 2022.

With a wealth of experience in both the sales and operational support we are able to maximise our unique relationship that we have with both media owners and clients.

As is the nature of planning and buying inserts our business constantly takes us into the independent world of agencies hence our scale in this area is considerable.

We know inserts are effective and are always championing this medium to all clients. From established advertisers looking for new ways to improve results to new companies looking for an entry way into advertising we provide a clear and effective way of advertising that has meant we have been able to bring in 68 new advertisers to the Telegraph portfolio each year.

We are always looking to improve on what we do and we will use our experience and market knowledge to ensure we are maximising on every opportunity. As such our average yield has increased by 5% year on year since 2018.

We have done this at a time when the industry has had to be constantly changing and evolving to the market, to client needs and to increased costs. Whenever changes have had to be made such as the closure of the Sunday Stella Magazine or the move to more sustainable operating processes such as the decision to no longer polybag the weekend supplements Canopy has been there to advise, support and adapt as needed.

In addition to the inserts inventory Canopy are responsible for the pricing and compliance processes for Commercial Supplements allowing for an increase in client spend of 15% in 2023 which will bring in an additional £50k for the publisher next year! This has been made possible with the great working relationship we have with both our publisher partner and clients. Part of this process will be ensuring over 320 pages worth of content is not just ASA compliant but the right type of content to be seen next to our publishers own content.


“We have been working with Canopy Media for nearly ten years and in that time it is clear that we are working with experts in their field that are proud of what they do. We can rely on them to always be looking for ways to maximise the revenue channels they are responsible and in doing so we can trust them with our products.”

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