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Grubby Improves Attention Metrics
with Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) Campaign

Grubby, the UK’s first 100% plant-based recipe kit offering vegan meals for delivery, commissioned a DCO campaign with Silence Media.

This campaign reflected an increasing interest in improving audience attention, as the next frontier in advertising performance measurement, by appearing in premium publishing environments.

“Everyone can see the value of measuring attention. It can help marketers see the real cost and impact of an impression,” offers media company Xaxis1. “To improve performance, premium environments with less ad clutter and larger, more impactful formats see greater levels of attention."


Grubby is a vegan meal kits delivery service, committed to making plant-based cooking more convenient and accessible, without costing the earth. They champion British produce and suppliers, use 100% recyclable packaging, and tailor their recipes with balanced, nutritional content in mind.  

They asked us to target a dynamic campaign at two distinct audiences: a ‘Foodies’ audience, comfortable in the kitchen and interested in good food, and ‘Non Foodies’ who understand the importance of eating well, but are inexperienced chefs.


We wrote unique copy for both audiences: for ‘Foodies’ we emphasised how the kits would satisfy ‘even carnivores’, and for ‘Non Foodies’ we highlighted the benefits of a varied diet. In both instances we included Trustpilot reviews to demonstrate product quality and reinforce consumer trust.

We created curated marketplaces of websites for this campaign, ensuring Grubby ads ran within premium environments including The Guardian and The Independent, to boost attention levels.


The ad targeting the 'Foodies' audience on The Independent performed best with a click-rate that was four times higher than the industry average. 

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