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In May of 2020, Dentsu approached Canopy Media to find a sustainable, high-impact solution to compliment the launch of the new Honda E – a campaign that would announce the release of Honda’s first ever electric car. The ultimate objective was to drive awareness by highlighting the car’s aesthetic and tech-led features, positioning the new model as innovative, modern, and eco-friendly. In the process, Honda itself would be redefined as proponents of the electric driving experience, guaranteeing cleaner air and quieter cities.


Our audience-first approach focused on the 4 key groups that the client highlighted. These ‘Conquest Personas’ included “Creatures of habit” - a group characterised by a need to be convinced that the Honda-E was both reliable as well as good value for money. The “Tech-Forward” persona was formed of early tech-adopters who enjoyed elements of novelty and wanted to be on 'the right side of history', in both an environmental and technological sense. “At First Sight” was a very sociable, image-conscious audience, with strong fashion interests, preferring tailored experiences and inspired by creativity. Finally, “Environment is duty” were strong environmentalists living in the suburbs, who valued British heritage, particularly in relation to the countryside. 


Understanding these core “personas” formed the basis of both our titles selection and creative execution recommendation. 


Utilising our expert knowledge and insight of the 650+ titles that sit within the Canopy portfolio, together with leading industry planning tools, our marketing team ensured that a minimum of 2 persona groups were targeted in each of the 9 national newspaper and magazine titles selected, delivering the required cost-efficiencies for the client. 


While the press titles offered campaign scale, specialist magazines considered ‘persona passions’. 

On creative execution, there were 3 recommendations proposed, comprising a multi-page Translucent Booklet, a Maltese Cross, and a Die Cut Pop-Up. Each execution supported the client in exhibiting the car’s tech-led features, environmental benefits, and aesthetic appeal, delivering on the key messaging requirements. 


The Die Cut Pop-Up proposal was selected and Canopy collaborated with Geoff Neal to produce the premium creative insert design that captured the interest and attention of the 4 target audiences. Its high-impact messaging was ultimately achieved via a combination of the innovative, interactive nature of the insert, alongside its capacity to showcase both the car’s internal tech advantages, and external, futuristic features. 


Innovating a traditional medium, the ‘Honda-E die-cut pop-out’ delivered a leading print format to the market, in keeping with the ground-breaking automotive campaign, driving awareness with standout creative to over 4 million targeted readers.

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