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Graze wanted to reach health-conscious individuals due to the healthy food nature of their brand. The goal was to drive sales using special codes which grants free boxes by directing the user to their website.


We did an in-depth analysis into the competitor online food market and found that successful competitors were running heavily in the first half of the year, due to people being more health conscious coming out of the Christmas/New Year period.

Our marketing team leveraged several insight tools including TGI data and our exclusive Canopy Leads monitor which evaluates 50% more of the insert market than any other marketing tool to pull together a comprehensive title list bespoke to Graze’s online audience.


The client found this to be very useful, and continued to run inserts with us throughout the year within our extensive portfolio of publications. Other titles were tested against a similar audience and performed just as well, so we broadened the title offering to capture a larger reach of the Graze’s audience. 

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