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Canopy acquires DCO specialist Silence Media

Canopy is pleased to announce the acquisition of Silence Media, a specialist in personalisation strategy, creative execution and media optimisation for Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) campaigns for digital display and Out of Home.

Reporting on the acquisition, Performance Marketing World reflected that DCO "is becoming ever-more sophisticated, reflecting a growing interest across the industry in driving performance through personalised communications."

"Silence Media has earned plaudits for helping brands adjust creative in real-time to optimise returns," continues Performance Marketing World. "Combining this with Canopy's specialism in media creates a compelling proposition for clients."

Silence Media was founded in 2009 by owner Lee Henshaw to provide an affordable, scientific and results-driven approach for companies interested in testing multiple messages with the audiences for their campaigns.

"Silence Media is a best-in-class strategic, creative and media partner that strengthens our client value proposition," said Paloma Walder, Managing Partner of Canopy Media. "Through this acquisition, we can do even more to help our clients figure out how to communicate the benefits of their products and services in an omnichannel world."

"Now that we're part of the Canopy family, we have more resources than ever to help clients outthink the competition," added Lee Henshaw. "Working directly with the biggest names in British media means we can develop personalisation strategies and creative solutions that use great data to help clients sell more of their products and services."

Examples of recent DCO campaigns by Silence

Getting people's attention is difficult, especially when they're suffering from ad fatigue, the idea that people get tired of seeing the same ad. A dynamic campaign increases creative relevancy and performance by testing the impact of multiple ads on multiple audiences.

Here are some examples of Silence's dynamic creative for clients in entertainment, travel, food, charity and local government.


Grubby is a vegan meal kits delivery service committed to making plant-based cooking more convenient and accessible without costing the earth. They champion British produce and suppliers, use 100% recyclable packaging, and tailor their recipes with balanced nutritional content in mind.

They asked us to target a dynamic campaign at two distinct audiences: a 'Foodies' audience, comfortable in the kitchen and interested in good food, and 'Non Foodies' who understand the importance of eating well but are inexperienced chefs.

We wrote unique copy for both audiences: for 'Foodies', we emphasised how the kits would satisfy 'even carnivores', and for 'Non-Foodies', we highlighted the benefits of a varied diet.


Leeds City Council asked us to use a dynamic campaign to engage people who qualified for a free flu vaccine, especially minority communities within Leeds, many of whom do not speak English as a first language.

We created five rich-media half-page ads, each targeting a different audience, including mothers of toddlers, pregnant women and people whose first language was Punjabi or Polish.


People's Postcode Lottery is a national subscription lottery that offers weekly and monthly cash prizes to its players while supporting charities.

They asked us to use a dynamic campaign to determine which charity partners would most likely attract new lottery players across the UK's 13 TV regions.

We tested the impact of different good causes by running numerous rich-media ads, each referencing a different charity - from environmental trusts like WWF to popular health and homeless charities.


Promote Shetland is the marketing organisation for the Scottish archipelago of Shetland, promoting the isles as an exceptional place to live, work and visit.

Their agency NB Communication asked us to target a dynamic campaign at three distinct audiences: Nature Lovers, Textiles Enthusiasts, and Fans of the Shetland TV series.

We wrote unique copy for each of the three audiences: for Nature Lovers, we focussed on birdwatching; for Textiles Enthusiasts, it was Fair Isle Knitwear; and for TV Fans, it was all about the locations of their favourite TV show.

We used geography as the trigger for this dynamic campaign: the copy across all the ads automatically updated to mention the nearest UK airport that flies to Shetland and the flight time.


Sight Scotland, one of Scotland's oldest charities, provides community support to people with sight loss. Their media agency, MediaSpark, asked us to target a dynamic campaign at three distinct audiences: professionals experiencing deteriorating eyesight, people over 70 struggling to keep their independence, and relations trying to understand the impact of sight loss on a loved one.

We wrote unique copy for each audience: for professionals, we wrote about the importance of overcoming barriers; for over 70's, we stressed the value of independence using a bold, enlarged font; and for relations; we highlighted the supportive services available through the charity.


The Dark Hours by Michael Connelly is a murder mystery that reunites detectives Ballard and Bosch. Media agency TMC asked us to target a dynamic campaign at four distinct audiences: crime readers, a 'blockbuster' audience, Michael Connelly fans and women aged 25 to 35.

We wrote unique copy for each of the four ads and explored the social proof bias with this campaign - the idea that people are more likely to do something if they see others doing it.

We used different reviews of The Dark Hours to create eight versions of each of the four ads, giving us 32 banners inviting people to buy the book at Tesco's website.


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