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The DCO Newsletter - Promote Shetland Case Study:

NB Communication commissioned a DCO campaign for Promote Shetland, coinciding with the broadcast of the Shetland TV series on BBC One, reflecting the increasing popularity of personalisation at scale within display advertising.

“If we use audience insight smartly, tech-driven and data rich dynamic creative optimisation provides an opportunity to reset our messaging and build equity-enriching media experiences throughout the funnel,” offers Jackie Lyons of Havas Media Group UK, in her Campaign article The New Rules of Recession Planning.

The Brief

Promote Shetland is the destination-marketing organisation for the Scottish archipelago of Shetland, promoting the isles as an exceptional place to live, work, visit, study and invest.

NB Communication, the marketing agency which delivers the Promote Shetland service, asked us to target a dynamic campaign at three distinct audiences: Nature Lovers, Textiles Enthusiasts, and fans of the Shetland TV series. The Response

We wrote unique copy for each of the three audiences: for Nature Lovers we focussed on the birdwatching, for Textiles Enthusiasts it was Fair Isle Knitwear, and for TV fans it was all about the locations of their favourite TV show.

We used geography as the trigger for this dynamic campaign, and the copy across all the ads automatically updated to mention the nearest UK airport that flies to Shetland and the flight time.


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