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The Outdoor Outlook - Rugby Six Nations Championships


The Six Nations Championship is the oldest rugby championship in the world, dating back to 1882. Originally held between the four United Kingdom countries England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, France joined in 1910 and Italy joined in 2000.

In 2022, record numbers of viewers were recorded in competing nations – 59% of the population in France, most notably. Here, nearly 9 million viewers tuned in to watch the France vs England match, the best ratings ever for a Six Nations match. 2022-six-nations-championship/


Engagement with 2023’s Six Nations Championship promises to peak in a similar way, with interest in attending matches set to outstrip that of previous years, according to Mintel:

(Source: Spectator Sports, UK | Mintel November 2021)

This is, according to David Walmsley of Mintel, the result of pent-up demand positively impacting the amount spent on attending sporting events. More specifically, a recent report from Mintel suggests that expenditure on spectator sports increased by +152% YoY, moving from 2020 to 2021. With an average attendance of 72,000 people, the highest per match of any tournament in world sport, the Six Nations 2023 looks set to benefit from these trends when the tournament kicks off in February.


With consumer interest around the Six Nations Championship set to pique, we anticipate that advertisers will take advantage of outdoor opportunities in a similar way to previous years, garnering awareness and driving sales. For instance, while alcohol company Diageo UK executed 17 outdoor campaigns in February of 2022, watch manufacturer Swatch Group spent an impressive £160k on outdoor advertising during the same period. Significantly, this represents a +180% YoY increase in Six Nations related outdoor activity for Diageo UK, who focused campaigns on Guinness’ sponsorship.

(AdIntel November 2022)

This activity coincided with promising financial results for both companies. According to Diageo UK’s latest earning report, for instance, operating profits increased by +18% YoY to £4.4bn. Similarly, Swatch Group posted a 55% YoY increase in turnover to £171m according to their latest financial report.

(Source: Companies House | Diageo Annual Report 2022 | The Swatch Group Ltd, Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021)


To reach this audience when travelling to matches, or attending games in- stadia, Canopy’s Outdoor Network offers the ideal solution. The digitally integrated network not only enables advertising around point-of-sale, but also large format screens in close proximity to stadia due to host Six Nations Championship matches. For example, we have large format screens located outside Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh and the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, 2 stadiums that we will be hosting huge games during the tournament.


Should you wish to take up the opportunity to reach an engaged rugby audience, at scale, throughout the tournament, then please get in touch and we will be able to provide you more information on our capabilities of reaching this audience.

For further queries, please and don’t hesitate to send any questions to


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